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Interior Foam Applications

Crown Molding

Crown molding is used to soften the angles where walls meet ceilings and are seated flush to the wall & ceiling, leaving no space behind it.

Easy to install, EPS crown moldings give a sophisticated, hand-crafted look to a room. The foam will not crack or split like wood or gypsum and can be coated to meet your color and/or texture needs. you can also purchase our crown moldings online by clicking here: 


To see our standard molding shapes, please visit our Resources page.
Interior Molding & Archways

From chair rails to archways...
From door frames to light moldings...

The applications of foam shapes are virtually unlimited.

To see more application photos, please visit our Project Gallery.


Lightweight and easy to install, foam moldings can be delivered with coatings & textures of your choice.Stock shapes come in 8-foot lengths.

To see our standard molding shapes, please visit our Resources page.


Artist Inez Coffman lends her exceptional talent to WNC's Dimensional Designs. Her hand carved murals are suitable for both interior and exterior enhancement.

Intended to last indefinitely and capture your imagination, these murals reveal the diversity and design possibilities of high quality foam products.

The example on the left demonstrates the level of detail the artist can accomplish. She can work from a photo, drawing, or other rendering.

For more information on murals, please visit our Dimensional Designs page.
Fireplaces & Mantels

Give your fireplace the look you imagined!

Our EPS foam mantels can be coated in a stone finish, a smooth interior coat, or virtually any texture or coating you desire.

EPS foam is non-combustible, adding that all important element of safety.



A wall niche is a great way to display prized possessions such as statues, vases, flowers, and objects of art. Either wall mounted or recessed, niches bring an elegant focal point to any room.

Surface mounted niches attach directly to the wall. (See installation details.)

Special framing is needed for recessed niches since a hole must be cut into the wall to hold the niche. Recessed niches require sufficient wall depth so it is important to order the niche early, so that you have it on hand before you start cutting.

Niches can be designed in a variety of sizes and designs. To see our standard niche shapes, please visit our Resources page.