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Foam Products

EPS Foam Specifications

EPS foam is simply more efficient than any other building material on the market. It is lightweight and easily installed. Our foam is a non-organic material with no nutritional value, so pests and rodents are not attracted. It will not degrade or deteriorate over time, and is unaffected by temperature and moisture.

Foam comes in standard 8-foot sections but can be ordered to various lengths. It can be cut, mitered, or shaped on site without special tools or equipment.

WNC Foam carries 1 lb. density foam and the higher impact resistant 2 lb. density. We can special order 3 lb. density foam should your project require it.

When determining which density to select, consider its placement and relative location to traffic areas. The 2 lb. foam is great for entry areas and where people or equipment could possibly damage the shape. If being placed above 9 feet or in a protected area, we suggest 1 lb. density. For any related questions as to the appropriate use of foam shapes, please consult one of our experienced professionals.

Please use the links below for more detailed EPS specifications. This information is supplied by our manufacturer.

Physical Properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Testing Results Cost Benefits

EPS foam shapes save on labor for framing, lathing, plastering, & clean-up - not to mention the savings on materials - replacing traditional wood or wire.

For more intricate design needs, the cost of shaping or using profile build-up of wood is eliminated since our computer-controlled fabrication equipment cuts the shapes in one piece to virtually any size.

Substituting foam shapes can also reduce jobsite damage, waste, the duration of scaffolding rent, and time to completion.

Given the variety of foam densities available, matching the correct density to its use makes foam one of the most durable options available for all types of uses. Couple the right durable foam with the right coating and you will have architectural elements that will last for many years.

Impervious to Pests
Since foam is made from non-organic materials, traditional pest issues (rodents, termites, etc.) are not attracted to it.
Moisture & Temperature Resistant
Foam is unaffected by extreme air temperatures and its moisture resistant qualities eliminates the potential for mold, mildew and rot. EPS foam is not affected by the UV light spectrum.
Fire Resistant Coatings
All components are non-combustible with many options for high-rated fire resistant
hard coats.
Low Maintenance
Minor damage is easily repaired with recommended patching materials.
A Win-Win Situation for the Environment!
Use of foam reduces the need for wood, thus reducing the impact on our forests. Unlike block, wood or plastering processes, foam produces very little jobsite waste. It can also be recycled and some foam manufacturers are experimenting with foam made of recycled products.

Coatings & Textures

Exterior Finishes
We recommend concrete smooth materials for surfaces requiring paint.
Our rough 'stucco ready' finish will handle applications of stucco, acrylic cement or paint.
Exterior wood grain finish is paintable to any color.

Interior Finishes
Wood grain available in painted or unpainted.
Painted or unpainted coatings
Orange peel finish
Smooth finish

Special Textures
Faux Stone: Gives the look and feel of limestone in a variety of colors.
Faux Granite: Rough surface texture made with special acrylic cements.

Simulated Wood
With the look and feel of wood, this non-organic material does not degrade or deteriorate over time. Use of texture & color gives the desired design look.