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Order Requirements

Although we can do take-offs from blueprints, these generally are rough measurements and framing is often different from the blueprints. We find it is more accurate to work from shape profiles, dimensional sketches & precise 'field' measurements. (Make sure you give consideration to any drywall which may be added during the construction and adjust your measurements accordingly.)

Certain measurements help us give you an accurate product. For example...
Measurement Guidelines

Crown Molding
Room dimensions including height of the ceiling.
Where in the measurements are intrusive vents located and what are their sizes?
Are there lights, electrical boxes, or other items that need to be accommodated?

Height of area where column is to be placed
Diameter of column desired (There are certain restrictions if you are covering an existing post.)
If covering an existing post, dimensions of this base post
On the ground, is there enough space to accept the column's base? (Flared bases and caps)

When measuring arches, three precise measurements must be made. The length of the total arch being inserted, the height of the arch, and the width of the arch. With these measurements, we can calculate the radius.

If your opening is a true arch, then the height will be half of the length measurement. In this case measure the entire opening as the arch will stretch from one side of the opening to the other.

If the opening is larger, the arch is more shallow. The measurements are the same, but the total length will be more than half the height measurement.

If the arch is to form a divider from one room to the next, a "Header" measurement is needed.

For more intricate designs, please consult one of our professionals for the proper measuring process.

Window Trims
In addition to the height and width of the windows, please let us know if there are any nearby obstacles that may interfere with the foam installation.

Wall Caps & Post Caps
To accurately fit caps, we need the block size along with the cap sizes.