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Exterior Foam Applications


Rosettes are the perfect architectural enhancement to open-faced walls.

Choose from our design selection or bring in your signature design to be showcased on your wall.

As with all foam products, coatings and textures can be applied before delivery.


Columns & Balusters

Bring a piece of Rome to your home!

Our columns come in any size or shape and can be coated for exterior or interior placement.

Couple the columns with foam archways or moldings for the perfect finishing touch.

Change the entire look of your staircase, porch or patio deck with balusters (aka banisters) made from durable EPS foam shapes.  To see more photos, please visit the Project Gallery.
Wall Caps & Walls

Your exterior wall doesn't have to look like a cold, concrete block barrier. Maintain your privacy and do it with architectural style using foam products.

The sturdiness & moisture-resistant nature of foam products adds value to the unique designs available for exterior walls and wall caps.


Frames - Windows & Doors

It is said that the eyes are gateways to your soul. Your windows & doors are gateways to the heart of your home.

Dress up their character with state-of-the-art foam frames. Designed to suit the personal character of your home, foam frames last for years, resist weather conditions, are impervious to pests, and very, very easy to maintain.


Custom Signs

We can bring new life to your company's logo!

EPS foam provides a unique, cost-effective and flexible method of creating signs & sign monuments. Dimensional signs are durable, light weight, and easy to affix. The versatility of EPS foam makes it ideal for use on billboards, advertisements, and signs of all kinds.

Our design professionals will fabricate, finish and profile interior or exterior signage to your specifications. Our skilled craftsmen plot the image using state-of-the-art technology to precision cut the foam.

Another way to dress up windows is with state-of-the-art foam shutters. Like our frames, shutters last for years, resist weather conditions, are impervious to pests, and very, very easy to maintain.